North Line: Engineers specialising in the water sector.

North Line is a high-tech company in the field of water.

The experience of its management team began in 1992. A multidisciplinary group was assembled with a highly extensive track record in hydraulic projects, such as water treatment plants, hydroelectric plants, the design and supervision of works, treatment plants and supplies… and much, much more!

All of this work is tailored to what customers request: a personalized service that meets the requirements and objectives of each project.

After a technological evolution in line with the times we live in, North Line is capable of both designing and defining the most appropriate solutions and managing and supervising implementation for the most demanding customers, ensuring that all steps, processes and methods of the work plan are met. The versatility of our technicians, together with our considerable knowledge and experience in the field of engineering, are the foundations for the company’s business activity.

makes us a global support company.


North Line Offices

NORTH LINE works are managed from the following offices:


Avda. Magoi,80
27002 Lugo


C/ Riansares, 5
28670 Villaviciosa de Odón


Both offices can be contacted as follows:
+ (34) 910 299 707 // + (34) 692 620 563 //


North Line Values

We have always believed that it is vitally important to set guidelines for professional action and behaviour that are an extension of the character of the people who found North Line and that enable them to always identify a commitment and an objective.

The aspects that we regard as pillars of our business and business development philosophy can be summarized as:


Independence from economic and political organizations, entities or groups.


Ethics in professional and personal behaviour.


Professionalism in everything related to our business activity.


Innovation in all aspects of the technological development of our professional work.


Bringing together the best people for the job and promoting the human and professional development of all our staff.


Social and environmental responsibility that we apply through involvement wherever we are located and work.


Specialist engineering team

We began our activity by putting our knowledge of water engineering and water treatment to the service of private customers in different countries in South America, Africa and the MENA region, and showcasing our products and potential. This quickly achieved positioning in markets such as Colombia and Peru that have enabled us to create commercial relationships in these countries and collaborate with companies in the region.

Due to our containerized solutions for water treatment, our design and manufacturing, we can offer competitive turnkey solutions by designing, manufacturing, commissioning and operating containerized plants with membrane solutions for water treatment. More recent examples are the cases of aquifer recovery and water generation for industrial processes.

Day by day we see that the objectives set are being met. We want to share how proud we are with everyone who believes in us.

Equipo especializado en ingeniería

North Line Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the creation of North Line, the bases for the development of our business model have been based on the independence and transparency of our actions, the high quality of our product and the commitment and “collaborative work” with our professional group and the environment where we work.

This has led us to define, with the highest degree of compliance, a policy of responsibility with our human and environmental surroundings, enabling us to apply proposals for social and environmental risk management, analyse the balance between production and social development, and care for the environment.

Our core values are:

Agreeing on and applying welfare and equality measures among our company’s staff.

Directly allocate a percentage of the company’s profits to training our team in the field of water.

Improve collaboration with personnel in the territorial scope of the works awarded.

Enhance the responsibility and professional growth of the company’s staff, creating generational renewal based on the benefits of youth and experience.

Equipo especializado en ingeniería

Quality, environment and health and safety policy

Since the company was founded, Quality management, Environmental management and Health and Safety management procedures have been defined and maintained based on the requirements of international standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 45001 respectively.

The approval by management of these procedures and their application in the work carried out by the company NORTH LINE have enabled us to obtain the certification of our quality, environment and health and safety systems from the company APPLUS.