Hydraulic engineering and water treatment services

Discover all the areas of activity and the services provided by North Line with the highest quality and commitment. Our complete range of services includes civil engineering, hydroelectric energy and desalination. Take a look!

Civil Engineering

We work on the design of projects at all possible levels of development: from identification, planning or prefeasibility and feasibility studies, to detailed plans and construction projects, for all types of public or private customers.

Sectors such as urban planning, roads, structures, the environment and geology and geotechnics enable us to offer solutions to our customers and are part of NORTH LINE actions.

Ingeniería civil
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Water management

The water sector has a Management component beyond the development of studies and projects.

We have extensive experience in this area and have supported different customers in actions ranging from legalization, obtaining contracts and authorizations for hydraulic works, and the management and supervision of contractors in the water cycle.

Within this group, we integrate the tasks of Technical Assistance, Construction Management and Project Management for large projects in the water sector.

We provide technical support for public institutions in the drafting of regulations, legislation and master plans, technical advice on the purchase of capital goods, staff training, securing financing and the writing of articles and presentations.

Gestión del agua
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Turnkey contracts

A relevant facet of our company is to provide turnkey solutions, understanding as such the design, construction and operation of hydraulic infrastructure, in two specific fields:

  • Small hydroelectric plants (mini plants)
  • Water treatment plants (desalination plants, purification plants, DWTP)

Our experience is offered both in Spain and in other countries in South America and the MENA region and Africa.

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Water engineering

We began as engineers in the hydraulic field and it is in this area where we have based our growth and business structure.

The proven management capacity of the Management team enables us to successfully supervise all phases of the project development process: from the identification of the requirement to the proposal of the best technical solution and its execution, anywhere in the world.

We contribute our knowledge to the management of the integral water cycle in all its stages: design and operation of Information Systems, support in the processing of authorizations and concessions, statistics on water use and consumption, supervision and management of water distribution service concessionaire companies, and environmental and water quality control.

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Dams, basins and reservoirs

Work on new dam projects, safety analysis of dams and reservoirs, reservoir use study, classification of basins and design for specific solutions for irrigation alternatives, interconnections between reservoirs and installation studies on drainage systems. These are different actions that we have carried out and confirm that we can provide technologically advanced solutions for our customers.

Presas, balsas y embalses
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In recent years, desalination has been one of the business lines most developed by NORTH LINE.

We are aware of the need for water quality and quantity in places that are increasingly dependent on brackish and saline waters, and have put together a work group in this area.

The main public customers in Spain that require desalination engineering (ACUAMED, Abaqua, MCT) are regular customers of NORTH LINE.

We have created solutions for large irrigation communities in southern Spain that have enabled them to undertake investments and developments with large desalination plant projects.

Our experience has extended to Arab countries (Saudi Arabia and North Africa), where we have developed Seawater Desalination Plant projects with productions above 50,000 m3/day.

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Water supply to residential areas: water catchment, treatment, storage and distribution are some of the services we provide from the point of view of projects and construction management as well as the execution of water treatment plants (Drinking Water Treatment Plants) and catchment through drilling.

Within this group, we include the modernization of irrigable areas: catchment in reservoirs or well fields; distribution through canals and pipe networks; regulation in basins and its application to irrigation.

Abastecimiento de agua a poblaciones
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Sanitation and purification

This is a field within hydraulic engineering that began with the beginning of NORTH LINE as support for contracting companies in the preparation and writing of documents for tenders in purification processes. It has developed to become of the main areas of the company’s activity.

Our constant learning, the incorporation of top-level human teams, the quality of the work and the customer’s trust, have enabled us to become a leader in purification and sanitation in Spain.

Saneamiento y depuración
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Hydroelectric power

We analyse the viability and profitability of hydroelectric projects and other hydraulic works, developing business plans and identifying potential investors interested in participating in the investment.

Our activity begins with the identification and assessment of river projects.

We participate in the processing of licenses and permits that enable its construction.

We propose a business model tailored to each situation.

We identify investors interested in participating in the business.

We participate in the development of the project by providing engineering, supervision, management and support in the operation.

Energía hidroeléctrica
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Generation of unconventional resources

Projects for the re-use of effluents from treatment plants and industrial systems are currently a top-level work sector. The continuous and growing awareness of the rational use of water, together with the application of energy efficiency and environmental commitment policies, has made it possible for highly technical solutions for the use of water from non-conventional sources to be developed for different private customers.

Sources such as purification plants (with or without tertiary treatments), industrial process water (paper mills, plastic manufacturers, slaughterhouses) and the rejections from desalination plants themselves, have been and are sources of study to recover usable water flows.

Generación de recursos no convencionales
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